Beef Banquet (serves 2)


Masala Chickpeas
Warm chickpeas in Balachaung Masala spice, kafir lime and curry leaves

Spiced Cornbread/Yeast Flake Butter
Our version of the traditional cornbread incorporating yoghurt, spices and feta cheese

Summer Tomatoes/Coconut Sambal/Green Strawberries/Tomato Shrub
Fresh tomatoes from Natoora, with green chilli oil, 3 months preserved beef-heart tomato shrub in light soy & cider vinegar

Roasted Aubergine/Sambal Tumis/Caramelised Cashew Nuts
Sambal Tumis is a chili and coconut paste with fresh mint, coriander and roasted coconut flakes

Beef Short-Rib Pastrami/Butterscoth Horseradish/Pistachio Pesto
28 day aged Lake District beef rib is brined for 10 days, smoked, steamed and roasted in spices, 3 days process to make Horseradish sauce with butter and Pedro Ximenez

Sticky Jackfruit Chocolate Pudding, Spiced Condensed Milk
Traditional sticky pudding; our version has 1 year-old fermented jackfruit mixed with 66% Beni Harvest dark chocolate, served with condensed milk spiced with maize flowers, rum & cinnamon