Bbq Spiced Hogget Banquet (Serves 2)


Masala Chickpeas (Lupin)
-Warm chickpeas in Balichang Masala spice, kafir lime and curry leaves.

Schiacciata/ Black Bean Hummus (Sesame)
-Our version of the classic Tuscan bread with Zaatar Spice

Crushed Jersey Royals/ Peas/ Preserved Lemon/ Burnt Spring Onion (Dairy)
-Charred burnt smoky spring onions with confit garlic, cream cheese & sour cream with crispy garlic and chilli.

Salad of Mangetout/ Sugar Snap Peas/ Green Beans/ Freekeh (Mustard, Sulphur, Wheat, dairy)
– Served with pickled, spiced eggplant, Manouri cheese and chilli broad beans.

BBQ Spiced Hogget/ White Bean Paste/ Rhubarb Sriracha (Sulphur)
– Lake District Hogget, slow cooked with a coffee spiced rub, served with a green tomatillo salsa, pickles and tortillas.

Baked chocolate tahini ganache/ Spiced condensed milk/ Rhubarb (Eggs, Dairy, Sesame, Sulphur)
70% dark chocolate, roasted forced rhubarb with a condensed milk infused with cardamom & ginger, and black sesame rocks.

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Enhance your Scully banquet with our side dishes (please enter the quantity you would like in the text box below each item)

Crispy Koffmann’s Potatoes (+£12.00)

Crispy Koffmann’s Potatoes. Yeast & Garlic Paste/ Urfa Chilli (Sulphur)
-Layers of thinly sliced potatoes, confit in avocado, coconut, smoked rapeseed oil with a cold emulsion of roasted yeast flakes & smoked garlic.

Burrata & Blood Orange (+£16.00)

Burrata(2 portions of 125g burrata)/Blood Orange/ Coriander Seeds/ Lavender Oil (Dairy, Sulphur)
-Burrata, which means ‘buttered’ in Italian, is a fresh cheese made from mozzarella and cream with bitter-sweet blood oranges, crunchy roasted coriander seeds and honey infused lavender oil.

Char Siu Pork Sausage Rolls with Umeboshi Red Plum Ketchup (+£13.00)

Salty, spicy-sweet, marinated bbq pork belly baked in puff pastry (Soy, Alcohol, Sulphur)

And add a delicious Scully House Cocktail to complement your banquet

Pandan-Fashioned (+£12.00)

Fresh Pandan leaves infused in Four Roses Yellow Label (Kentucky Bourbon) for 23 days. The infusion adds a vanilla flavour and a velvety texture to the bourbon. We add some vanilla sugar syrup and a touch of agave as well as chocolate, lemon and Angostura bitters, also adding the essential oil from the peel of a grapefruit while stirring the drink.

The Perfect Match (+£12.00)

Pink pepper gin, Campari, Mancino Rosso, Rose Bud, Cherry Liqueur, infused with pink peppercorns and rose petals.
A bitter/sweet floral and peppery cocktail best served in a rock glass filled with ice cubes

Put A Spell On You (+£12.00)

Barcelo Dominican Rum, St Germaine, Blackberry liqueur, Homemade red berry tea syrup, lime and lavender bitters.
Sweet and refreshing with a distinctive berry taste and a floral hint. This could be also served with soda to be enjoyed as long drink. This drink should be served in a wine glass filled with ice cubes

Scully’s Espresso Martini (+£14.00)

We start from a classic recipe and give it our own spin replacing vodka with Barceló Dominican Rum, adding Fair Coffee liqueur, Vietnamese coffee slowly brewed traditionally with a phin (vietnamese coffee filter) and, finally, a homemade salted coconut syrup. Garnished with nata de coco, translucent coconut gel cubes. Shake well before opening and pour in two frozen coupettes or martini glasses.