Scully St James's is Ramael Scully's first solo venture. Born in Malaysia and brought up in Sydney, with a Mother of Chinese/Indian descent and an Irish/Balinese Father, you can almost guarantee your experience will be based on a wide range of culinary traditions from his family heritage.

Having had the benefit of such a diverse cultural upbringing, not to mention his vast experiences from traveling the world; you can expect an explosion of flavours using sustainable, locally sourced ingredients where possible, created and served in an informal yet refined setting.




Innovative food, explosive flavours and sustainable practises are the core pillars of Scully. We aim to be as net zero waste as possible, utilising the whole ingredient in innovative ways. Fermentation is the main way Scully achieves this, with the duration of the ferments ranging from days to years before being presented on the menu.

Scully has amassed a range of ingredients from homemade spices, pickles and preserves through to oils, animal fats, dairy and sprouts; most of which can be seen on our working display as you enter the restaurant. His insatiable appetite for bold and vibrant colours and irreverent blends of ingredients makes his kitchen an exciting place to be.



Ramael Scully’s colourful cooking is a product of his layered heritage. Born in Malaysia to a mother of Chinese and Indian descent and a Malay and Irish father, Scully moved to Sydney as a child. He attended culinary school there and decided to pursue cooking. Hard yards covered training in fine dining restaurants in Sydney, Moscow and in Britain since 2004, and has seen him develop a cooking style influenced by Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Scully was previously Head Chef at Ottolenghi's NOPI, as well as co-author of the NOPI Cookbook. Scully’s open and experimental style of cooking is touched with a little bit of genius and lies behind so many of the Ottolenghi dishes.

Scully is a passionate and articulate ambassador for his cooking philosophy and spends much of his time presenting and demonstrating his dishes to audiences appreciative of fine food. A leading figure in fermentation within the UK, reducing food waste is something Scully is incredibly knowledgable and enthusiastic about, featuring on publications and television to teach the importance of reducing food waste and how to get creative about it.


We are currently looking for both Front of House and Kitchen staff to join our wonderful team! If you're passionate, talented and want to work with us, be sure to get in touch below.